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I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

I'm in my final year bachelor degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Before i jump into the design stage, i search for unconventional ideas then i sketch them. I have a passion for bold colors and creating out of the box design solutions. In order to get the best results i often tweak my approach.

I work as a freelancer with different clients, agencies and also as a Presentation Specialist in Credit Suisse. I'm always on the hunt for a new challenge in the fields of illustration, poster and branding. I'm not afraid to speak up about the issues i deeply care about  but I’m not i am serious all the time.  I like to work but also i like to have fun.

When I'm not working, i'm either sleeping, watching sad movies or finding new food places to try out.

Hey, I'm Julia Skiepko

Weltformat Graphic Design Festival / Lucerne 

The poster is an aswear for 2021 Newcomers Award competition theme : Representing Generation Z. 

I wanted to visualize the feeling of being the young generation in difficult times. While we are bombared by the news about the climate crisis, we see that it is not such a concern for older generations or our governments. We are said that that we should seize the day while we are young, at the same time as we can't do anything about the upcoming crisis. Live fast, die young really hits differently now. The poster was in finalist 20 that were exhibited in Lucerne at Weltformat Graphic Design Festival 2021. 


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